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Mini Travel Size Toothbrush Sanitizer Box

Toothbrush sanitizer with 99.9% sterilization rate uses UV light technology


Toothbrush Sanitizer

    • Model: UTC-3150
    • Brand: No brand
    • Service: OEM/WHOLESALE
    • Treatment: 3MINS
    • Payment: T/T, PAYPAL, WEST UNION
    • Delivery: 5-8 WORK DAYS


  • Toothbrush sanitizer with 99.9% sterilization rate uses UV light technology; stay at your best with this toothbrush cleaner, holder, cover, and case; UV light is completely enclosed and 100% blocked by the toothbrush case; fits all size brushes
  • Fast-acting and easy to use toothbrush cleaner; when you're done using your toothbrush, place it in the case and the UV-C technology will activate to sterilize your toothbrush in just three minutes; protect yourself from uncleanly airborne materials found in bathrooms
  • Improve your oral care and overall wellness; our long-lasting sterilized toothbrush device kills 99.9% of filth; cleaner eliminates typical bathroom matter; sterilizer helps you to enjoy and maintain a healthy life
  • Modern design in three stylish colors; toothbrush storage case complements your travel accessories; traveling toothbrush case protects your brush; USB rechargeable batteries last for a full month; portable travel case acts as toothbrush sanitizer and holder

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