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Wholesale 2.5ml/3ml Gum Barrier Gingival Protection Gel For Dental Clinic

gum protector gel


Bleaching System

    • Model: /
    • Brand: Glorysmile
    • Service: Wholesale/ Customization
    • Treatment: 30 seconds
    • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Visa.
    • Delivery: DHL, FEDEX. AIR OR SEA


●  Very easy and safe to remove from gums.
●  Our gum protector gel can be manipulated and shaped to reliably seal the gums.
●  Can cured with any dental curing light or teeth whitening blue light to remain firmly in place.
●  Heal gums quickly and evenly with Glorysmile gum protector to protect your patient's gums.
●  The gum protector gel has MSDS and FDA approval,no questions and no hassles.


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