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Glorysmile High Viscosity 6HP Tooth Whitening Dry Strips



Teeth Whitening Strips

    • Model: GS-003H
    • Brand: Glorysmile
    • Service: OEM/Wholesale
    • Treatment: 30 Minutes
    • Payment: T/T, PAYPAL
    • Delivery: By DHL



  • 【Professional Teeth Whitening Strips】We offer a daily use teeth whitening regimen that works as well as the leading brands! These whitening strips contain a professional 6% hydrogen peroxide ingredient that quickly dissolves tooth discoloration problems and effectively removes all dental stains, including food, coffee, wine, soda, smoking and other yellow stains
  • 【2-week whitening strips】14 treatments/28 strips, more than twice the capacity of other products, large capacity package can meet your and your family's common needs, more affordable. With one set per person per day, you can get noticeable teeth whitening and bright smile in 7 days, and most customers experience teeth whitening effect of 2-3 shades or more after the 2nd use.
  • 【Whitening Strips for Sensitive Teeth】Made from enamel-safe ingredients that used by dentists. Having strong enough stain removal ability while also being gentle enough for sensitive teeth, it will not cause pain and discomfort to your teeth whitening process. These teeth whitening strips are your top choice for sensitive teeth!
  • 【Non-slip teeth whitening strip design】Professional seal technology enables our teeth whitening strip to stick to your teeth and can get natural looking evenly white teeth during the whitening process. You can use whitening strips when talking, watching TV, drinking water, etc, without discomfort during the application. The whitening gel on the back of the strip is moisture-activated, it won’t fall off unless being removed
  • 【Easy To Use】With a mild and fragrant coconut flavor, the strips peel off easily. Apply these whitening strips to your teeth, wait 30 minutes then expose, after 30 minutes remove the strips and rinse your mouth (remove the strips gently, otherwise you may use too much force and cause creases in the strips, which may affect the use)


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