Get a Brighter Smile with Glorysmile Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit

This teeth whitening kit will clean off stains from drinks like wine, soda, and coffee. It will also help with stains from long term coloring or smoking. Included in the pack is, six cartridges and the Glory Smile itself.

Glorysmile teeth whitening mouthpiece radiates LED light which uses safe wavelengths of red light and blue light. The high intensity cold blue ray responses with the whitening gels which contains the certified organic ingredients along with aloe leaf extract and get rid of the stains effectively without causing any tooth sensitivity. The red light helps to sterilize the gums and get rid of the bad breath. With these 2 LED lights in the same device together, you can elevate your oral care routine. The mouthpiece is not just ready to use which does not need shaping for your teeth but also wireless so it is tangle-free. The charging cable comes combined so you can charge it when it is not in use. The mouthpiece is food-grade silicone, BPA-free, which is therefore gentle and safe on your mouth.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

A discolored or yellowed smile is a general issue. There are two general reasons why teeth change color – age and stains. Other causes of brownish, yellowed, or grayish teeth contain genetics, certain medications, excessive fluoride, dental trauma, tooth grinding, and tooth decay.


Dentin is generally brown or yellow, so as your enamel thins the exposed dentin causes your teeth to appear dull. Unfortunately, the dentist cannot be lightened. You can still improve the look of your teeth by removing lighting enamel and stains, but you cannot replace the color of your dentin.

Dentists generally advise crowns or veneers in cases where the discoloration is high level.


Your teeth have a solid outer coating of enamel, and this enamel is prone to staining. Tea, coffee, soda, red wine, and cigarette smoke are the most general culprits, although other acidic or dark foods can also discolor teeth over time.

Luckily, surface stains are the simple discoloration to remove.

Tips for using your wireless teeth whitening kit

·         While you should forever follow the manufacturer’s direction or your dentist guidance, these general guidelines will help you get the top results.

·         Brush and floss your teeth before using the wireless teeth whitening kit.

·         Ensure the kit trays are dry before filling them with the peroxide solution, and never overfill the trays.

·         If using gel directly to your teeth, use a brush and carefully cover all naked surfaces. Keep the gel away from your gums.

·         If using tray or strips, ensure the peroxide is in full contact with your teeth, otherwise you will end up with spotty outcomes.

·         Remove any gel that oozes onto your gums.

·         Leave the whitening strip or gel on only for the advised length of time. Going longer would not provide you better results and may cause tooth damage or sensitivity.

·         Rinse your mouth fully after your treatment is finished.

·         Don’t drink or eat for half an hour after the treatment.

·         Stay away from general tooth strainers such as tea, coffee, soda, citrus, and cigarettes for at least 2 days after the treatment.

Should some people avoid wireless teeth whitening kits?

While some people can safely use at-home teeth whitening kits and get amazing results, these items are not for every person.

·         If you have gum disease such as periodontitis or gingivitis, cracked teeth, exposed dental roots, or untreated cavities, the use of a teeth whiter can cause further sensitivity or damage.

·         If your dental enamel is already thin, your dentist will likely suggest against whitening your teeth.

·         If your teeth are extremely heavily discolored, you probably would not get the results you want from a wireless teeth whitening kit. Your dentist can provide more long-lasting, successful options.

·         Breastfeeding or pregnant women should not use teeth whitening products. Kids should not use whiteners containing peroxide.

Glorysmile wireless teeth whitening kit ingredients

Carbamide peroxide

The gel active whiter is a thirty-five percent carbamide peroxide mixture. In order to lessen and reject tooth sensitivity, this gel also contains potassium nitrate, a desensitizing ingredient, as per the GlorySmile teeth whitening kit reviews.

Sodium perborate

Over time, sodium perborate whitens the teeth from the inside out while simultaneously acting as a disinfectant and antibacterial to safeguard dental health.

Peroxide of Calcium

This well-liked component, which may make your teeth up to eight shades whiter, is included in lots of whitening toothpastes.


What is the best teeth whitening product on the market?

The best teeth whitening product on the market is the GlorySmile wireless teeth whitening kit. It is very simple to use and provides you amazing, professional-looking results.

Is LED teeth whitening safe?

LEDs release visible light, rather than UV light, which is famous to harm tissues and cells. LED teeth whitening is therefore much safer than UV teeth whitening. Anyway, care should be taken when using the bleaching agent to teeth as it can cause sensitivity and discomfort to the gums.

Does UV light really whiten your teeth?

No, UV light does not whiten teeth on its own. Anyway, it does not quick up the response of bleaching agents, providing you quicker and possibly whiter results.


End words

The strips contain hydrogen peroxide as the key component, with Vitamin E oil included to relieve any gums sensitivity, as per the Glorysmile wireless teeth whitening kit. The LED teeth whitening light, teeth whitening trays, and teeth whitening gel for trays make up the LED teeth whitening package. The teeth whitening light is a newly made at-home teeth whitening tool based on the GlorySmile wireless teeth whitening kit. It has a speedy, distinctive look white blue light.

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