Why do you need a toothbrush sterilizer?

If the toothbrush is not cleaned for three months, the bacteria growing inside it may be even dirtier than the toilet, which may affect our health.

1. Toothbrush cleaning is actually more important.

Brushing our teeth is something we do every day because we understand that brushing our teeth early and late can ensure our oral health.

But brushing your teeth twice a day, is your oral hygiene really clean?

Many people overlook this, and toothbrush cleaning is actually more important.

If the toothbrush is not cleaned for three months, the bacteria growing inside it may be even dirtier than the toilet, which may affect our health.

2. How to place a toothbrush and conventional toothbrush disinfection methods.

Due to the brush contact between the toothbrush and the teeth and gums, the food residues in the mouth will enter the toothbrush, and the placement of dental utensils is usually in a humid bathroom, which provides excellent conditions for the propagation of bacteria. These bacterial and viral contaminated toothbrushes have become the root cause of dental diseases.

Especially when multiple toothbrushes share a single toothpaste, it is more likely to cause cross infection, causing harm to our health. The only way to prevent diseases caused by toothbrushes is to eliminate the breeding of bacteria.

After each brushing, it is necessary to carefully wash the food residue on the toothbrush and place the toothbrush in a dry and ventilated place. Soak the toothbrush in 0.1-0.5% peracetic acid disinfectant. When using the above two methods, be sure to rinse it with clean water before using it for the second time. The toothbrush should be frequently updated, and it is best to replace it every one to three months. Using it for too long can cause dental disease.


3. Toothbrush Sanitizer---More scientific and convenient toothbrush disinfection equipment.

►Working principle

Using a cold cathode ultraviolet lamp, it can emit ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is stimulated by a lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2Pa) to emit UV light waves. There are two main spectral lines: one is 253.7 nm, which enables the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA), and nucleoprotein in bacteria to absorb ultraviolet light. After bacteria absorb ultraviolet rays, they cause DNA strand breaks, causing cross-linking between nucleic acids and proteins to break, killing the biological activity of nucleic acids, and causing bacterial death.; The other is 185 nm, which is used for high vacuum sterilization. Vacuum ultraviolet rays can ionize oxygen in the air to produce ozone, thereby achieving the goal of purifying the air. The dispersion of ozone can just make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet rays that only propagate along a straight line and have dead ends in disinfection.

Both of these are invisible ultraviolet rays. The unique wavelength intelligent conversion structure can enable the energy of UV photons to penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms, destroy the DNA structure of various bacteria, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogenic organisms, destroy their nucleic acid molecular bonds, inactivate them, and die, thereby achieving the effect of disinfection and sterilization. It can effectively kill bacteria within 15-60 square meters, including more than 20 kinds of common bacterial viruses, such as Escherichia coli, tuberculosis, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, etc.

Within a few minutes of working, the bacteria on the toothbrush can be killed, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.99%.



►Functional characteristics

Disinfection is easily accomplished through a toothbrush sterilizer. Discard the traditional chemical disinfection method and start using a toothbrush sterilizer.

Using ultraviolet light to disinfect and sterilize toothbrushes is one of the most effective methods currently available, easily completing the disinfection process and protecting your oral hygiene shelf.

Through the following product introduction, you can keep abreast of product performance, and you will continuously discover the advantages of the product during use. It is the best choice for your oral health care.

Reducing harmful bacteria in the mouth can reduce oral odor, allowing you to avoid embarrassing situations;

With a plug free design, the battery life can reach about 60 days.

The method of use is also very simple, just hang up the toothbrush at home, which is super stable and doesn't need to worry about slipping off.

Strong sealing, no splashing, and can prevent dust from entering.


Intelligent chip - human body sensing automatic power off

Automatically stop working when a person is detected approaching to avoid UV damage to the human body; Automatically start working when someone leaves;

• Suitable for various wall surfaces, no need for punching installation


Various types of toothbrush sterilizer / toothbrush holder are on sale, providing low-cost wholesale and OEM services.

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