Advantages Of 405nm Teeth Whitening Kit

405nm Teeth Whitening Kit make you great teeth which can better your full look

405nm Teeth Whitening Kit make you great teeth which can better your full look – teeth whitening is non-invasive, virtually painless, and does not have any bad side effects.

Every person deserves to enjoy a white, bright smile which lights up the room. Studies have presented that those with whiter teeth are perceived as more attractive, as teeth are an indicator for good and healthy genetics. Teeth will naturally discolour over time, but a 405nm professional teeth whitening kit can help to restore and improve your smile.

Glorysmile teeth whitening manufacturer provides professional teeth whitening kits which can be used at home, and each kit is personalized according to your needs.


What is at-home tooth whitening?

At-home tooth whitening is one of the expert solutions to restoring your gleaming teeth. The kits contain tubes and trays with syringes and gel. Tooth whitening is a simple dental treatment to whiten the color of natural tooth enamel and is the perfect way to improve the beauty of your smile.


What causes tooth discolouration?

Teeth staining is caused by a build-up pigment on the teeth. This can occur due to many factors:

Intrinsic stains

Intrinsic stains are found within the tooth structure or below the tooth area. These can be grey, brown, or yellow in colour and are generally caused by:

·         Medical conditions (celiac disease, calcium deficiency, liver disease, rickets, and metabolic diseases)

·         Fluoride overexposure

·         Medications, such as tetracycline

·         Oral injury or trauma

Other risk factors

There are other factors that make a person more at risk to teeth staining: These include:

Genetics: Your genes determine both the brightness and thickness of your enamel, which may affect the colour of your teeth.

Bad dental hygiene: lack of regular tooth brushing and flossing permits food particles and bacteria to stick to teeth, which can cause tooth stains.

Advantages of 405nm teeth whitening kit


An appointment from a professional is not a main concern anymore. You can just buy procedures and use them after rather than visiting a dentist a couple of times. This would decrease your expenses as it will focus on the kits alone. It is somewhat reusable too. In-offices are costly and also a hassle for some people. So, if you need a lesser expense for a solution, this is the top choice.


Yes, it saves your time because appointments and other necessities are definitely gone. You have complete control of your time since you are doing it at home. You could ask for guidance from the beginning and then do things on your own, unlike when you need to go back to your dentist from time to time.


The best thing about teeth whitening is that it can be performed on your own time. While you might think professional teeth whitening means an extra appointment with your dentist that is not the case if you go for a 405nm teeth whitening kit.

Provided by your dentist, these custom bleaching trays can be used at home, permitting you to maintain a charming and bright smile on your own time. During your regular 6 month preventative appointments, your dentist can give a complimentary touch-up kit to help keep your teeth looking their brightest and whitest.

A safe option

When you go for professional treatment from a teeth whitening dentist, you can rest assured the teeth health is a top priority. There are lots of over-the-counter products that can be effective, but when not used rightly they can lead to side effects including increased sensitivity, enamel erosion, gum irritation, and uneven coloring. Before you use any of these options, it is best to talk with your dentist first.

Improved oral hygiene

Experiencing the advantages of whiter teeth can have an impact on your personal dental hygiene. After the treatment you may feel more inclined to take best care of your brighter and whiter teeth, making it a point to floss, brush, and keep your 6 month preventative dentist appointments. Improved oral hygiene can even affect your full health making it all the more beneficial.

What can you eat after teeth whitening?

You must avoid pigmented, acidic foods and beverages are advisable. It is top to eat foods that would not cause discoloration. Below are some foods you can eat after a teeth whitening procedures, known as white diet:

·         Fresh vegetables and fruits

·         Rice and bread

·         Fish and chicken

·         Tofu

·         White cheese and yogurt

·         Water

Now that you know some foods you can eat after teeth whitening, below are foods you should reject after the whitening procedure.

·         Wine

·         Coffee and tea

·         Dark fruits

·         Soft drinks

·         Candy and chocolate

Brushing your teeth twice a day and rejecting foods that might stain them will make your teeth whitening effect long-lasting and evident. Anyway, it is essential to note that teeth stains are inevitable, so don’t hesitate about it too much. It is most vital to reject these foods in the 48 hours after the treatment.


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