Using V34 Colour Corrector [The Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for an effective teeth whitening solution? Check out our guide on how to use the V34 colour corrector for the best results.

Achieving the perfect smile is something that many people strive for. One of the most important aspects of having a beautiful smile is having shiny white teeth that boost your confidence.


V34 Colour Corrector is a professional teeth whitening system that uses a purple pigment to remove unwanted stains, yellowness, and discoloration. The technique is unlike any other and allows users to achieve extraordinary results in just a few minutes.


If you are looking for a way to achieve the perfect smile, then look no further. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using the corrector, including what to expect in terms of results.

Science Behind V34 Colour Corrector

The V34 teeth whitening Colour Corrector is designed to help you achieve a more even smile by correcting the color of your teeth. The color of teeth can be affected by many factors, such as the food we eat and drink, smoking, and the natural aging process.


The V34 teeth whitening Colour Corrector uses a bright purple pigment that cancels the effect of yellow pigment. This is because the yellow and the purple pigment on the color chart are opposite to each other. When someone’s enamel and dentin get yellower due to any possible cause applying the V34 corrector can make it perceptibly less visible by canceling the reflection of yellow light. This is how It safely and effectively removes these stains leaving teeth looking brighter and whiter.


Moreover, It comes with a simple and easy-to-use dispenser that makes it quick and handy to apply. One can either use the finger for application or a finger-like applicator that comes within the package.

How to Apply V34 Colour Corrector

The process of applying the V34 Colour Corrector is pretty simple:


First, you will need to apply the gel to your teeth using the provided applicator. Once the gel is applied, you will need to wait for it to work its magic for about 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up, you can then rinse your mouth with water to remove the gel.


If you are interested in using the V34 Colour Corrector, then be sure to follow the directions carefully. This product is safe for most people, but it is always best to consult with a dental professional before using any type of teeth whitening product.


What Results You Can Expect From V34 Colour Corrector

The V34 color corrector is a perfect product to help you get rid of stubborn yellowness. This technology has proved to be a breakthrough in the world of teeth whitening products. It typically shows results within just a couple of minutes of application, within which it works by counterbalancing multiple hues on your teeth.


It is especially recommended to use after the post-whitening treatment for maximum results that lasts for a more extended period.

Tips to Get the Most Out of V34 Colour Corrector

  • Since the V34 is not whitening your teeth but concealing the stains, results are mostly temporary and require you to brush your teeth with it for every momentous occasion.


  • The formula of V34 is perfectly safe for the enamel and does not trigger any sensitivity, everybody can use it.


  • Excessive use might cause over toning that will leave a slight purple hue. It might result due to excessive use or leaving it on for too long. Brushing your teeth lightly can easily remove the leftover residue.


  • Again, V34 is not toothpaste. Regular brushing with your normal toothpaste twice a day should be done as is.


Technology has made so many things possible that were previously not so easy to do. You can get your hands on this innovative and fantastic product from Glory Smile.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to achieve perfect results with your V34 colour corrector, follow these tips and get ready to see the amazing transformation in your smile.


And if you have any other questions about our products or how to use them, don’t hesitate to contact us – we would be more than happy to help.


Have you tried using a V34 colour corrector before? What were your results? Let us know in the comments below.

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