Should I buy oral irrigator?

Oral irrigator is one of the tools of oral care in fashion now. Why is oral irrigator so popular?

Oral irrigator is one of the tools of oral care in fashion now. Why is oral irrigator so popular?

1. What is the role of the oral irrigator?

2. Why is oral irrigator welcome?

3. What is the advantage of oral irrigator?

What is the role of the oral irrigator?

  1. According to the United States, the pressure water column can flush into the gingival groove to a depth of 50-90%. The pressure water column can not only clean all kinds of gaps and holes and convex and concave surfaces but also achieve microscopic thorough "cleaning" rather than macroscopic rough "cleaning". In addition to the function of cleaning teeth and oral cavity, the water flow has a massage effect on the gingiva, promoting the blood circulation of the gingiva and enhancing the resistance of local tissues; It can also eliminate bad breath caused by poor oral hygiene.
  2. In addition to being uncomfortable and carrying bacteria of its own, food debris tucked between teeth is more harmful because it provides nutrients to plaque. If not removed in time, dental plaque is easy to calcify and becomes "calculus" accumulated in the root of the tooth, compression, and stimulation of the periodontal environment, so that the periodontal atrophy. Therefore, using a dental flush or toothpick or floss to clean between the teeth is blocking a major source of nutrients for dental plaque.


Why oral irrigator welcome?

With the development of tooth punching technology, there has been a rechargeable portable tooth punching device. The host machine uses rechargeable batteries as a power supply. When it is used, it only needs to be charged, and it can be used for about one to two weeks. Due to the small size of the portable punching machine, the body does not take wires, and without an external power supply when used, suitable for daily use, but also suitable for use outside or in places without a power supply. For people with orthodontic teeth (orthodontic braces), because they need to clean the food on the braces after each meal, a portable dental flusher is more suitable for them to use because it can be used on unlimited occasions. For more users, the reason why they prefer the portable dental flusher is that it is easier to use because it does not need to be plugged in, and it does not have the long wires of the desktop dental flusher.

What is the advantage of oral irrigator?

  1. Remove plaque from the surface of your teeth to keep your mouth clean and feel fresh.
  2. Clean tongue coating to remove bad breath.
  3. Powerful removal of food debris and harmful bacteria trapped in the tooth gap that cannot be reached by toothbrush and floss, effective prevention of cavities, gingivitis, dental stones, and periodontitis.
  4. Massage and stimulate the gums to improve blood circulation, relieve toothache and suppress gum bleeding.
  5. To help children develop good oral cleaning habits and prevent early dental caries.

Simple and efficient cleaning orthodontic appliance is an effective tool for people who are undergoing orthodontic correction or wearing dentures to clean the mouth.


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