The role and use of a dental flosser

The role and use of a dental flosserA dental flosser is an aid for cleaning the mouth, a tool that uses a pulsating stream of water to clean the teeth and gaps. The following is a description of how a dental flosser works and how to use it.

dental flosser

dental flosser is an aid for cleaning the mouth, a tool that uses a pulsating stream of water to clean the teeth and gaps. The following is a description of how a dental flosser works and how to use it.


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The high-velocity water flow of the oral irrigator has a unique cleaning and health function and is simple to use. The dental flosser used to be a complementary tool to the toothbrush and was designed to be used with a single column of water with a limited amount of water to clean areas that are not easily cleaned by the toothbrush, such as the gum sulcus. However, there are already multi-column, unlimited water faucet flushers on the market. It cannot only maintain the traditional function of the dental flosser by a convex hole contact guide precise rinse gum sulcus and teeth but also can be multi-column "sweep" large areas of the tooth surface and tongue and oral mucosa, etc. Each cleaning method has its characteristics, and the best dental oral health results will be a combination of these methods. For example, brush your teeth after bedtime, flush your teeth after three meals, floss regularly, go to the hospital to treat existing dental oral diseases, and go to the dentist for regular cleaning every six months to a year, and use a combination of a toothbrush, dental flosser, and dental floss to keep your teeth clean, and there is hope for a healthy and hygienic oral cavity.


electric tooth cleaner


How to use

The electric tooth cleaner is a relatively new type of oral cleaning appliance. In Europe and the United States, the dental flosser is a necessary hygiene item for many families. Flushers have also made their way to China, and many people have grown to love this small dental care appliance that is both comfortable and useful. For exposed gaps, flushers are quite effective in cleaning them. The water flosser pressurizes the water through the pump body to produce a super-fine high-pressure pulse of water 800~1600 times per minute. The cleverly designed nozzle allows this high-pressure pulse of water to flush any part of the mouth without any obstacle, including the gaps and deep gums that are not easily reached by toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothpicks. Just 1 - 3 minutes of rinsing after a meal will clean out the food debris from between your teeth. The impact of the high-pressure pulsating water from the dental flosser is a flexible stimulus so that the water not only does not hurt any part of the mouth or face but also has the effect of massaging the gums and feeling comfortable. To make full use of the dental flosser to protect your teeth, it is best to take it after each meal to flush your teeth again and develop another "mouthwash" habit. Generally speaking, the dental flosser can be used with water, but you can also add mouthwash or analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs to strengthen some of the effects in a targeted manner. Middle-aged and elderly people have larger gaps in their teeth, so it is easier to remove food debris from them with a tooth cleaner. The biggest advantage of a dental flosser over a toothpick is that it does not hurt the tooth surface or the periodontium no matter how you use it.


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