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The Best Options For Teeth Whitening At Home

Start a different teeth whitening experience

Specially developed PAP+ formula, avoid the symptoms of tooth sensitivity and soreness.

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What Are The Types Of Effective Ingredients For Teeth Whitening?
Are you confused when choosing teeth whitening gel ingredients?
As our common teeth whitening ingredients are carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide (Peroxide) and sodium phytate or sodium bicarbonate (Non Peroxide).
For people who are prone to tooth hypersensitivity, it is more recommended to use non-peroxide gels.
High concentrations of hydrogen peroxide gel are commonly found in dental clinics

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Milder than peroxide gel, more effective than non-peroxide gel.

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Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

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How Does The Teeth Whitening 
Products Make Teeth Bright?

After choosing a suitable gel ingredient, you have to understand 

why you need a accelerating teeth whitening light.

Cold-light tooth whitening is the use of high-intensity blue light with a wavelength between 480-520 nanometers, which is conducted through optical fibers, and a whitening agent containing effective whitening ingredients quickly produces redox effects. Through the tubules, the pigments attached to the surface and deep layers of the teeth are removed to achieve a whitening effect.

Exogenous pigment adhesion, endogenous pigmentation, etc. are more suitable for cold light whitening.

Hot Selling Teeth Whitening Light

The greater the power of the lamp beads, the faster the reaction time of the whitening agent and the better the whitening effect.

The Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Not Effective?

Why there is no effect after you using teeth whitening kit?

Applicable symptoms:


Smoke stains


Tea stains


Moderate to mild 

tetracycline teeth


Dental fluorosis



discoloration of teeth


Exogenous yellow teeth


Not suitable for dentures


Not suitable for severe tetracycline teeth.

 If the effect is not obvious after use for people who meet the conditions of use, it is recommended to extend the whitening treatment. 

The actual whitening effect varies from person to person.

Use Teeth Whitening Products Correctly
Before Treatment  
Please clean your teeth and dry
the moisture on the surface of the teeth.
After Treatment  
Please do not eat and drink anything within an hour.
Choose The Teeth Whitening Product That Suits You

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Normal Situation During
Teeth Whitening Treatments

If tooth soreness is normal, it can be relieved on its own.

If serious adverse reactions occur, seek medical attention immediately.

You can also buy our desensitizing ingredient gel for preventive.

Potassium Nitrate Desensitization Gel ​​​​​​​
Q & A

    Q How long will the teeth whitening effect last?

    The whitening results can basically be maintained in 2 weeks to 1 month.
    The actual retention time depends on the customer's use effect and subsequent maintenance. It is recommended to buy oral care products containing whitening ingredients to extend the whitening effect. Such as PAP teeth whitening toothpaste, charcoal toothpaste, teeth whitening mouthwash, or teeth whitening powder.


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