Turmeric Toothpowder action and use
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Turmeric Toothpowder action and use

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Curcuma longa is a leafy, aromatic plant in the ginger family with a distinctive, spicy aroma. The spice made from the root of the plant is a staple of Indian cuisine. Turmeric is a potent medicine widely used in Ayurveda and traditional herbal medicine. Modern medical research has identified curcumin, one of the components of turmeric, as the most biologically active ingredient with healing properties. Turmeric has been considered a sacred powder in the ancient Vedic civilization of India for nearly 5,000 years. Like baking soda, turmeric can eliminate spots and stains, as well as have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-inflammatory to help improve the overall health of your mouth. Next, let's take a look at how Turmeric Toothpowder, made from turmeric, works and how to use it. Here are some answers.

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What does Turmeric Toothpowder do?

Turmeric's anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antiseptic properties are effective in a variety of skin conditions, including skin cancer. For toothaches and gum infections, a mixture of turmeric, rock salt, and mustard oil can be applied to the affected area about 2 to 3 times a day and then rinsed with warm water. Turmeric Toothpowder has a taste that most people may not be able to pick up, and we recommend using it with a coconut oil mouthwash to clean and freshen your breath while relieving tooth inflammation.

Before the advent of toothpaste, Turmeric Toothpowder was the most commonly used tooth cleaner. In ancient times, to keep the mouth clean and hygienic, various tools were used to wipe the teeth and brush them at the same time with various tooth cleaning agents, the most common being salt, the predecessor of the teeth whitening powder custom logo. The difference between toothpaste and toothpowder is mainly in the form, one is in the form of powder and the other is in the form of a paste, but the main active ingredients are the same.

Turmeric Toothpowder is recommended for use.

Turmeric Toothpowder can be used alternately with toothpaste to prevent tartar and achieve the effect of teeth whitening. After use, brush your teeth with water to rinse off the remaining powder in your mouth and avoid swallowing it into your stomach. Compared to other whitening products, Turmeric Toothpowder wholesale has an additional cleaning function. Turmeric has a strong cleaning effect, and because Turmeric Toothpowder is in powder form, it is easier to rub against your teeth and has a very strong ability to remove tartar. For people with tartar or dark yellow teeth caused by long-term smoking, it is difficult to satisfy the cleaning and cosmetic effect of ordinary toothpaste, so you may try Turmeric Toothpowder.

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