Introduction of Lip Scrub Wholesale
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Introduction of Lip Scrub Wholesale

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Lip Scrub Wholesale with fingers that feel basic can feel, because the lip skin is more fragile, with the lip scrub will not be excessive damage to the lip skin, and can be very good exfoliation. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the lip scrub private label. Here are some answers.

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  • What is Lip Scrub Wholesale?

  • How to use Lip Scrub Wholesale.

What is Lip Scrub Wholesale?

Lip Scrub Wholesale is used to cleanse the dead skin of lips caused by dehydration and flakiness during seasonal changes, and also for daily cleaning of lips after applying makeup. The proper use of Lip Scrub Wholesale can accelerate the metabolism of lip skin and improve the phenomenon of rough and flaky lips. For serious peeling, choose a large particle scrub, which has more friction to quickly remove dead skin. For daily cleaning, it is recommended to use a small particle scrub, which has less friction and a better cleaning effect on makeup. Lip skin is not protected by pigment and is darker than other parts of the skin, so it is most likely to absorb UV rays, so you should pay attention to sun protection, if necessary, you can apply lip balm with sun protection ability, especially after using Lip Scrub Wholesale products.

How to use Lip Scrub Wholesale?

Many people think that it is the same as lipstick, so they do not know how it should be used. Lip Scrub Wholesale is used before lip balm, and the nature of it and lip balm are different. Lip Scrub Wholesale has rounded and large scrub particles that do not harm the skin and contain rich vitamins and natural lipids that nourish the skin while exfoliating. Therefore, Lip Scrub Wholesale mostly contains functions other than exfoliation.

Lip Scrub Wholesale is made by adding small solid particles in the body of the cream to create friction, thus exfoliating the dead skin of the lips and promoting lip metabolism. The Lip Scrub Wholesale can be used before using hot water on the lips to help soften the lip cuticles, then take an appropriate amount of scrub on the fingers, in a circular motion from the lip peak to the lip corners gently massage a few circles, and then wash it off. Once a week or even once a month is enough. If the problem is more serious and your lips are already buckling with dry and hard flakes, you can steam your lips with hot steam for 3 minutes and a hot towel for 1 minute, then use Strawberry lip Scrub better. Frequent use can over-exfoliate the lips and cause them to become more fragile and sensitive. Lip skin itself is very thin and especially fragile and sensitive, when using scrubs, you should not be too vigorous and use lip balm in time to help moisturize and hydrate the lip skin after using the scrub.

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