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Information About Dental Silicone Rubber Impression Materials
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Information About Dental Silicone Rubber Impression Materials

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In recent years, silicone rubber impression materials have been widely used in the medical field. 

Silicone rubber is a high-molecular synthetic rubber and is an elastic and irreversible impression material. It has the advantages of good fluidity, plasticity, and small volume shrinkage. The impression made is of high accuracy, good chemical stability, and easy to demold. It is an ideal type of impression materials at present.

dental putty

In addition to silicone rubber impression materials, there are two more common types of impression materials:

A. Alginate impression materials

Its advantages are low cost and easy operation. But the disadvantage is that the shrinkage is large. Therefore, it is not suitable for dental impression.

B. Agar impression materials

Low cost, suitable for fixed repair. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break and brittle.

The addition molded silicone rubber impression materials are divided into 4 models according to different consistency. In the dental field, the 0 type extremely thick putty impression material and the 3 type low consistency light body impression material are more commonly used.

dental silicone impression material

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