Efficacy and characteristics of teeth whitening strips
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Efficacy and characteristics of teeth whitening strips

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teeth whitening strip

The teeth whitening strip is an elastic gel film patch for tooth whitening, which is simple and effective to use and can whiten teeth quickly. Comprise a plastic film layer and an elastic gel lay. The plastic film layer is transparent and has a shape suitable for the user's teeth, and the film has a regular or irregular strip, square, round, diamond, or shallow pits with all patterns, which can isolate saliva and protect the elastic gel layer. The elastic layer contains peroxide as a tooth whitening agent, plant whitening factor, and high-viscosity hydrophilic elastic gel which can form an elastic film. The release backing layer is a transparent or opaque plastic sheet, the surface of which the tooth is coated with a stabilizer to keep gel elasticity.

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  • Efficacy of teeth whitening strips

  • Characteristics of teeth whitening strips

Efficacy of teeth whitening strips

Deep teeth whitening strips, using the revolutionary target pigment synchronous accelerated activation technology, generates beautiful tooth new ecological active oxygen, which can freely penetrate enamel and dentin, improve tooth vitality, promote tooth self-metabolism, and make teeth return to whiteness in the process of self-metabolism. Because of its unique elastic adhesive force and tension, the gel-shaped patch has the best adhesive force to the tooth surface, which can provide the best tooth surface adhesive force, increase the contact area between gel layer and tooth shape, and increase the action time with a tooth whitening agent in teeth, thus improving the tooth whitening effect. When the teeth whitening strips are attached to the tooth surface, after the tooth whitening component comes into contact with saliva, it releases new ecological active oxygen. These oxygen free radicals can penetrate the enamel and dentin through the micropore penetration structure of teeth and decompose pigments to achieve the tooth whitening effect. A good teeth whitening strip requires that active oxygen can be continuously generated until the teeth whitening strips are removed from the teeth. The longer the generated oxygen bubble lasts, the better the whitening effect of teeth will be.

Characteristics of teeth whitening strips

1. Teeth whitening strips is highly resistant to water dissolution: High-quality teeth whitening strips needs to use the unique global preparation process to make the gel layer of the teeth whitening strips have the characteristics of elasticity and high density, which can effectively resist saliva dissolution for a long time (this is very important because the peroxidase in saliva can quickly destroy the hydrogen peroxide in the teeth whitening strips, thus causing the hydrogen peroxide to fail, so improving the water-resistant solubility of the gel layer of the teeth whitening strips can make the teeth whitening strips not be diluted by water-based saliva and quickly dissolve), to ensure the peroxide.

2. Gel strength of teeth whitening strips: The gel on a high-quality teeth whitening patch will not stick to the hand when touched by hand like ordinary dental paste, because when consumers use dental paste, their hands will touch the gel layer on the film of a dental paste, especially those who just use teeth whitening patch may pinch it inadvertently, so that it is easier to stick the gel on the teeth whitening patch to their hands, and the gel of teeth whitening patch is missing, resulting in a poor whitening effect. However, because of the high-strength gel, the high-quality teeth whitening patch will not pick up the gel even if you touch it very hard, which eliminates the situation that the gel adheres to your hands.

3. Good tear-off property of PAP teeth whitening strips: A high-quality teeth whitening patch can be randomly torn from the hard plastic film, and the appearance of the teeth whitening patch after being torn off is neat and clean, and no gel remains on the hard plastic film even after being squeezed. Because the aluminum thin bag will be squeezed by external force in the packaging process, or the teeth whitening strips will be pinched and squeezed my fingers when the user takes the teeth whitening strips out of the aluminum thin bag, it is required that the PAP teeth whitening strips should be sufficiently easy to tear off.

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