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Dental Light Body Impression Material (Type 3)
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Dental Light Body Impression Material (Type 3)

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As mentioned in our last article: Silicone rubber impression material has good molding conditions and fine molding advantages.

This time let us talk about its specific operation steps and some precautions:超轻体1

EXPLAIN BEFORE USE: Glorysmile Light Body Impression Material is used to take the detailed impression in two-stage impression technique. 

It can be applied with Glorysmile silicone putty (Type 0) .

Step 1. Use Glorysmile silicone putty to take the first impression.


Step 2.  Use and save

The portion of 1-2cm of Light Body from the bio-cartridge is recommended to discarded. Because they may affect solidification due to unevenness.

After the cover cap is taken off for the first time, it is recommended to be discarded.

The mixer can be used as a cover after the second impression is taken.

Step 3.  Inject Light Body. 

Firstly, inject Light Body onto the tray.

Make sure that the mixer is properly immersed in the impression material to avoid bubble formation.

Then, inject Light Body into the patient's mouth. 

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Step 4. Take the second impression. 

Put the tray with Light Body into the patient's mouth, slowly and accurately, making it in the right position in one step.

After about 6 minutes till the material solidifies completely, take out.


Step 5. Finish

Keep the impression for 30 minutes after taking it out from the mouth, and then soak it to disinfect.

* it can be stored for a long time up to 30 days.

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